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In 1977, Ken Daffron came to Kingsport, Tennessee and started Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring.  Ken grew up in Dalton, Georgia and right out of Edmundson Business College began working for World Carpets and Cabin Craft Carpets in customer service, and then soon became customer service manager.  In 1977 after developing vast knowledge and many contacts in the flooring industry, Ken decided that he would love to work for himself in his own business instead of working for “the other man.”  He established Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring in Kingsport, Tennessee and has never regretted his decision.  “Kingsport is about like Dalton:  same small-town community, about the same size and safe and stable.  My business has grown along with Kingsport,” says Ken. 

This year Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring celebrates its 40th year in business. 
Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring became a family business when Ken’s wife Gayle started working along side him.  His son Mike started grammar school in Kingsport and upon graduation from Kingsport Christian School started working for the business and is married to Kayte who is a counselor at Dobyns-Bennett.  Mike Daffron learned everything about the carpet and flooring business from the ground up helping installers first and then went into sales and sales management for the business.  He is now operating the Kingsport business as the General Manager since the retirement of Gayle and Ken.  Although retired and after 40 years, you can still find Ken onsite, still contributing to the success of the business they built. 

The family and business are very dedicated to their customers and the Kingsport community.  Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring often helps with the area schools, Bloomingdale Ruritan, area sports teams and other charities.  As a “Friend of Allandale”, they recently donated the carpet on the front porch at the mansion and have hosted a Christmas tree there for several years.   

Ken and Mike operate Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring on a simple, but perfect business philosophy.  “We put our customers first and give them the best service and the best prices,” declares Ken.  He continues, “Service is the main part of our business and by buying direct from manufacturers mainly in Dalton, Georgia, we can give our customers the best deals and the best prices on flooring.”  Ken has made it his business policy to never let the phone ring more than twice and customers will always be able to talk to an actual person instead of a recording during business hours.  The people of Kingsport love Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring because the business has been voted the #1 flooring store in Kingsport many times over the years.

They attribute much of the success of Dalton Direct Carpet and Flooring to their dedicated employees they have been lucky to employ for years like their professional flooring installers, sales people like Dave Winegar and Barry Gilliam, utility man Matthew Smith and Computer Specialist / Office Admin Heather Callahan.  They have both individual and commercial customers and many apartments.  Ken says for example, “We service many of the apartments in the area because we try our best to provide a fast turn-around installation time for them so they can rent them quickly.”  Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring serves individual customers by often going directly to their homes to make precise measurements and free estimates and they make sure customers are satisfied and any problems are resolved quickly.


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